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And Now You're One of Us...the WRETCHED
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Sunday, April 10th, 2005
11:31 am
Sharp Darts
Sharp Darts Spitting Masters
Spitting darts faster
Shut up I'm the driver, you're the passenger
I'll reign superior
The pressure blows the dial on your barometer
Do you understand?
Or do you need an interpreter?
Now my style is distinguished
All fires are extinguished
Ask yer girl to sing and she'll sing this
I'm a scientist
Have no prejudice, that's my hypothesis
Make your analysis, ever heard a beat like this?
I walk the beat like a policemen
No karma pedestrian
In 500 years they'll play this song in museums
I'm the bold adventurer
UK's ambassador
Holding up Excalibur
Your beats are inferior
Don't wanna embarrass yer
So call yer solicitor
The jury voted unanimously against ya!
Sharp Darts Spitting Masters
Spitting darts faster
Shut up I'm the driver, you're the passenger
I'll reign superior
The pressure blows the dial on your barometer
Do you understand?
Or do you need an interpreter?
This one's fat like yer mother
Contains enough calories
Resonating all your favourite frequencies
I've got a worldwide warranty
Satisfaction guarantee
If you ain't happy then just
Send it right back to me
'Spec to BC
It's time to fuck loyalty
One day I hope to earn some hard royalties
From a bit of sample robbery
Rook burglary, noise thievery
Or wholesale piracy
So watch yer back, I'm inclined to sample
I'll dismantle and make you all examples
Sharp Darts Spitting Masters
Spitting darts faster
Shut up I'm the driver, you're the passenger
I'll reign superior
The pressure blows the dial on your barometer
Do you understand?
Or do you need an interpreter?


Current Mood: satisfied
Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
9:12 am
I'm out...
LIVEJOURNAL fuct me over again and another LONG entry has disappeared.

I'm back on blogger...screw the haterz: http://howthewretchedlive.blogspot.com

~Sadie Hex.

Current Mood: Livejournal can kiss my arse!
Friday, February 25th, 2005
10:48 pm
////When Going Out Means Staying In\\\\
Give 'em what you got
Go give 'em all your action baby

...'cuz it's a sure-fire action-seeking radar baby

Live it up, don't wanna give it up
Live it up...
A little action is all I need
-----end of the prodigy transmission-----

So tonight I was supposed to hang at Stefan's until the early hours, grooving to records, midnight tokin', watching MONTY PYTHON and eating animal crackers. I came home by 9:30pm I was actually falling asleep on Stefan and Ry's freezing couch during a rather dull eppy (I lurve them but they weren't all gold). I suck. B/c oh the things I had been meaning to do:
~I was going to drive to my parents at midnight
~I was going to get a mash-up I've been waiting for since the beginning of time
~I was going to not stay here b/c I'm feeling stifled on all fronts

But instead I'm watching SEX AND THE CITY on demand, watching my luvah read comix, feeling the need to smoke again, hating this internet connection, mind spinning and reeling all the time causing absolutely nothing to penetrate.

Work was horribly stressful and I teared up quite a few times. Left SO MUCH to do. FUCK. (((BIG just come on SEX AND THE CITY...he still gives me goosebumps!!!))) I bought a carton of cigarettes today and got my BIG BOOK from CUBED and a HUNTER S book to read after I finally finish HP 5. Its taking me like 500 years. Today I shall exaggerate.

Damn I got so cute and dressed up today. Red White and Black in perfect harmony. And its 1040pm, cold a fuck, and me wishing I could DO something. Anything. Now.
~sadie hexicidal

Current Mood: drained
Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005
2:26 pm
R.I.P. Donnie Darko Review
I can't believe I did that
lost my file quick snap
hit the wrong key in error
its just not fair
It seemed good for a tick
all it took was one slip
of the finger and the hand
gone like your no-good man
gone like herbal from my bowl
I lost the soul
can try to rewrite
but I've lost the fight.
Just outlined once more
maybe can settle the score
with the forethought and need
To be more than deleted.

~sadie hexicidal
((((ps: DANE COOK added me as a friend on MYSPACE. I'm stalking him on all fronts with hopes to score that interview. But even if he won't do it--I can look at his gorgeous face on MYSPACE everyday. HES HOTTTTTT. Tonight is LOST and THE GRUDGE over at Stefan's new crib.)))

Current Mood: Sleepy? Never.
1:45 am
I positively loathe and detest this machine...
I had written my entire first draft of the D-D review on LJ this evening. And then I mistakenly hit 2 buttons AND ITS GONE.


I looked in history, temp internet files, file search, explorer, and it is nowhere to be found. So I'm re-writing it. B/c I'm fucking mad and Cubed told me I should start it and so it goes. Won't finish the whole thing tonight but at least its a start...AGAIN. (whoa deju vu!)

Ok, so recently I've been getting back into online erotica. Here is one I just read and it was VERY nice.
(((you know, if you like the sub/dom spanking kinda thing)))

I am completely caught up with LOST--a new one tomorrow night!!! I'm going over to Stefan's tomorrow. One week ago I drank way more than I wanted to and lied to mon cheri about it. What makes this week any different? Pirate swag for one. The fact that I'm dead fucking serious when I say that I am afraid of myself in that state. Its not who I want to be. I think drugs are this glamorous thing and they always will be in some way to me. But not in that way that I am going to go down so far that I will be a triumph coming back up. No, I'll be a chippy. Small habit--for eternity. Don't do enough of anything to make it my drug of choice. I'm weak. And the meek shall inherit the earth.

Its fucking 2 am. Its insomnia and its a bitch. Looks like A-Unit and Keg Leg may be visiting the 'rents with me next weekend. And BECKETT might be joining us. ROCK n ROLL.

I should be getting the BIG BOOK by Thursday. I am anxious to start reading.
~sadie hex-i-cidal

Current Mood: sleepy
Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005
10:11 am
====Paris Hilton's Phone Book====
The question is not why she didn't get the phone shut off or anything like that (she's a stupid whore remember?).

The question is--when RON PERLMAN sees her number on the caller ID--would he pick up anyway?
~sadie hex

Current Mood: Still Hypomanic Bitches!
Monday, February 21st, 2005
3:51 pm
I am legend...You are not.
Let me take this time right now to wax poetic on DJ KEOKI. If you've seen PARTY MONSTER with MACAULEY CULKIN and SETH GREEN, then you KEOKI portrayed by WILMER VALDERRAMA and he didn't seem to spin much music. He was a E-DJ, hyped on drugs most all the time and into the rave scene.

Not anymore.

He made KEOKICLASH, a great little mix CD revealing his new outlook on life (no drugs), saying goodbye to rave scene and hello to ELECTRO and 80's decadence. But it is his Mash-Up cd's that make me go crazy. KILL THE DJ and the GREAT SOUNDCLASH SWINDLE are works of art. At one point he has 3 or 4 songs being played together in perfection. I regret not seeing him last year when he played TRANSIT but I'm just content sitting here and listening to a great DJ.

Speaking of which, STEFAN my dear does a great mash-up of David Byrne's "lazy" and Daft Punk's "better, harder, faster, stronger" or whatever the fuck its called. He said he was going to make a new mixed CD for me but he hasn't. B/c he's wicked and he's lazy.

My luvah is home today while work kills me slowly. One steamship line wasn't even open and we've gotten a total of 3 bookings methinks. Its just sad that we're all here. I've been playing on ze net all day praything that eppy 12 of LOST is all done and downloaded by the time I get home. But of course I'm sure my connection got fuct somehow. Only one hour and then I'm outta here. I haven't done much writing (coherent writing I should say) or practicing (bass), but its my week off considering my next column isn't due until next week -AND- practice got cancelled again. Dis sucks. Bands that I'm in seem to deconstruct before they ever are fully constructed. When you have a shady drummer its pretty hard to maintain a status quo. We need a singer. Mike gets us by but a striking voice would just pull everything together.

Con season is gonna be upon us again soon and I'm excited. Its just the talk that swirls around the boards right now--whos going, who isn't--that gets me all psyched. In truth I have months to wait before our "season opener," but with all the buzz it just gets me psyched. Add some pictures of THE LEE from wondercon and I am downright giddy. The not-drinking thing will be tough. But I guess that just means more pirate swag for me!

I haven't seen mon cheri online all day which is very uncharacteristic of him. I know he wanted to go to TOYS R US but he didn't even answer the email I sent him (the latest BAD SIGNAL had a blurb about TEMPLESMITH in it and I know he's dying to know what ELLIS/TEMPLESMITH are cooking up). I'm watching FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS tonight as a memorial to HUNTER S THOMPSON who shot himself yesterday. I wish he would've OD'ed b/c killing yerself is sorta weak but what can you do? If only I still had my fishman hat and cigarette holder. I'd run around in bermuda shorts and spout off "THIS IS BAT COUNTRY." But alas, looks like the film will have to be enough.

And if ||LOST||, my lifeblood, is complete, I will scream in utter delight and only talk to Ze Moto about how cute she is. DAMN THE REST!
~sadie hexicidal

Current Mood: bored
Sunday, February 20th, 2005
2:37 pm
||Sadie got LOST and didn't want to be found...||
I stayed up till 7am watching my 100% downloaded bit torrent eppy's of LOST. Watched 3 last night, on ..5 this afternoon. I woke up at noon to continue my LOST watching. I'm quite sure I'll be insane by its time to go back to work. And that always makes the job more fun.

Today its supposed to snow which is just annoying at this time. It was bloody 55 degrees on Wednesday. I seem to have a bacterial infection or bronchitis (no bright green snot so no sinus infection) and it really really really sucks. Its just annoying. Especially b/c I just keep sucking down the pirate swag. I'm drinking tea though--that should cancel it out right?

I had to get dressed. It seems the only place I can lounge about in my jammies comfortably is me mum's house. I could live in my pajamas there. I want to go visit again. Shacky got a puppy so now I must really see this new ball of fur. Anyway, my one trip outdoors before the snow hits is to drop off the movies @ blockbuster and grab me and my luvah some candy.

I need to write my D-D draft but my 5 hours of sleep may prove fruitful for the creative process or make me pass out by 8pm. We shall see. I'm hoping for the former. I've been writing up a storm this past week. A couple poems too but nothing good. But keep scribbling it all down--you know I will. I bought a small notepad for my purse (speaking of, its time for a change in handbag) in case I ever get the urge. I find myself outdoors thinking of one line for a review to add.

Ze moto is sitting looking out the stillness of outside, Mon Cheri is working on the site, and I am getting LOST. Yar!
~sadie sparrow

Current Mood: Notorious
2:45 am
|||==It has only begun==|||
Who has eppy's 1 through 11 of LOST sitting on their computer, 100% downloaded and ready to be watched tomorrow by someone a little more awake than she is now?

Oh yeah, that would be me. Rock'n'Roll.
~sadie hex

Current Mood: tired
Saturday, February 19th, 2005
11:42 pm
Leaving Las Vegas
The above title is the name of the movie I will be watching in T-MINUS 15 minutes. My luvah bought it for me this week. But we're not here to talk about that. we're here to talk about Dali.

The exhibition was absolutely amazine. brilliant. Decadent. I have the coolest coffee cup ever. DALI, CATS FLYING THROUGH AIR, WATER. I couldn't tell you my favorite...so many were great. RED SYMPHONY a notable one and THE RAILWAY STATION AT PERPIGNAN being another. We had a nice time and walked the entire museum before seeing his section. It rocked. I came home and watched DONNIE DARKO again before falling asleep.

I woke up at 2am with stomach spasms to which i do not have my meds right now. I ended up going downstairs so I could toss and turn on the couch but finally did get back to sleep. I woke up and did nothing really until I went over to Keg Leg's to meet the new puppy and watch DANE COOK and have some pirate swag. Came home, watched D-D with commentary (ECH!), then special features (ECH ECH!), then the FISCHERSPOONER and COLDPLAY dvd's. Iron Bell gave me the best compliment today saying that she read my DVD reviews and they sounded like "a famous person wrote them and u should be famus for writing them". Awwwwww. She lurved THE PRODIGY cd I burned for her so I think I'm gonna burn a mix of ELECTRO for her that I think she'll dig. She's the coolest lil sister ever.

Have been emailing back and forth with CUBED about me not going out tonight due to temptation and bull shite like that. So LEAVING LAS VEGAS will remind me. Of something bad. Hooray! Huzzah even. I'm out you magnificent bastards!
~sadie hexicidal

Current Mood: happy
Friday, February 18th, 2005
2:38 pm
Tonight: Dali. Tomorrow: THE WORLD!!!!
Tonight I see DALI.
Yesterday practice was cancelled.
Tomorrow I hang out with Kell and possibly Jackie later on.
Tonight I get to eat dinner in Center City.
Tonight I will watch DONNIE DARKO again.
Sunday I will watch the special features.

I've been cycling hardcore. In between sadness and elation. But yesterday Joe bought me:
a hair clip
a new shirt

and I bought a lingerie set from HOT TOPIC. the best part? That's I'm a cheat and the guy only charged me for the undies (5 bucks) and I kept quiet and walked out of the store with the panties and a matching corset ($20). Oh I'm ever so evil.

Just like tonight I'm going to be sneaking the digi cam into the DALI exhibit just b/c we're not allowed. My middle name is danger you know.

It went from Springtime weather yesterday to 30 degrees today. Fuck the weather. So bloody inconsistent!!!
I've been listening to MISS KITTIN non-stop. This CD rules. I feel like I'm getting cramps but I just had my "friend" visit like a week ago. So WTF? Its not fair I tell you and completely against the rules.

Only 45 more minutes and i'm free again for another 2 days. I just think about sleeping on the weekend and that is enough to make it worthwhile (i.e., not having to get up at quarter to seven).
Me and my luvah are in full LURVE again. All sweet and kissy faced and what not. Even though he has been getting on my nerves its just temporary compared to the fact that we haven't been in any major fights or anything ::KNOCK ON WOOD::

I want to get a fedora. Is that so wrong? Frair Fiance said I looked better in a old man football coach type of hat. I could deal with that--just need one to fit my head better. Of course once summertime comes around I can pull out my silly OCC trucker hat. B/c I love me some PAULY SR. REPRAZENT!!!!

"How did Mary Die?
She was hit by a tire.
What was she doing hanging around tires?
Oh no, this tire was looking for her. She was murdered. It was out for vengeance. It wasn't "fucking around" as they say."
*****end of DANE COOK transmission****

Current Mood: Got Dali?
Wednesday, February 16th, 2005
11:46 pm
I came, I SAW, I was annoyed.
SAW was so bad. But my review for it rules. Details tomorrow @ 11.
I finally got a proper copy of GOLDEN BOY & MISS KITTIN: "OR". RE-release with the golden glove remix of "RIPPIN KITTIN" that features the chorus that makes me quiver.

That's right, I said quiver.

This is my third time listening to the album today. I lurve it. Stefan had to burn a copy just b/c it was a mix he didn't have. We realized that "rippin kittin" is to him what "emerge" is to me. You can never have too many remixes of one different song.

I'm full of anger tonight. But I shouldn't be. My bit torrent is up to 76.3%. the new eppy of LOST rocked. I got all my reviews done save one. My roomie hooked me up with some rum. Argh.
But its supposed to snow
and I want to listen to Fischerspooner but I've been vetoed
and I feel like crying or punching someone in the face
and ALAN CUMMING and ERIC IDLE were on back to back DAILY SHOW eppy's so at least I can think of British things for awhile. B/c they always make me happy.

I'm starting to get a minor headache and that annoys the fuck outta me. My CD just ended and my urge to kill is rising. I was fine 5 minutes ago. I'm fucking insane.I have 2 drinks sitting here--a bottle of DIET CHERRY PEPSI I've had all day and a can of the same that I opened at home. I'm switching in between the 2 and keep stopping to rearrange things on my desk. Its such a mess and I don't want to mess up my SLYTHERIN stationary.

Ok, things look in order once again.
I have to watch DONNIE DARKO special features and practice bass guitar. I've slacked on both. I think maybe I'll practice bass. At least the new song. Yes. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH ME.
~sadie hexicidal

Current Mood: yep, still won't stop.
12:57 am
I am your hell....SADISTIKAL
I found out tonight from DEATHSTROKE's review column that DANZIG is having a DVD come out with videos from DANZIG 4. I'm flipping out b/c that was when i was completely in love with DANZIG and would have sexual fantasies about him.

Well, its the truth.

Anyway, DANZIG is coming to Filthy in a MARCH and I want to go see him but I'm not sure who will go with me. Mike said no. Maybe Melissa will be down. Or Jackie. You never can tell. (((It was a teenage wedding and the old folks wished them well/you could see that Pierre did truly love the Mademoiselle...)))

I'm posting on a couple boards again. Safe. Staying positive...sticking to the paths I know. Oh and I finally got the entry form for the BIZARRE BEAUTIES contest. B/c I need the ego boost...or something. Or a good slap to the face. Either one would work.

Watched SAW tonight. SUCKED. so very very bad. Will be writing about that and D-D special edition, which ruled, still haven't watched the special features though. Will get to that tomorrow when Frair Fiance will be out having sushi with DA BOYZ. Will take a bath, read some HP and write reviews. AND PRACTICE THE BASS GUITAR.

~sadie hexicidal

Current Mood: need sleep, can't sleep
Monday, February 14th, 2005
9:18 pm
Dances on the Corpses Ashes...
I just woke up from a 2 hour nap. Its 9pm. This is not good. Not good at all. I'm talking to Iron Belly on IM and trying to decide what I want to do. I have no motivation today. Anything that was here yesterday is now gone.

So Jackie might be our drummer. Or she might not. Its raining like a mutha outside all day, freezing rain, so I'm just burrowed down in, waiting for the first signs of the apocalypse. I believe it will have something to do with Frair Fiance keeping his work clothes on more than 10 minutes from when we get home.

So today Ze Moto made it her personal vendetta to add injury to previously established injury. I was attached like a shark rising furiously from the water as she latched onto my arm when I was sitting in this very spot. Then later I was getting all tucked in for watching ROUNDERS, and the little fucker bites the top of my head!!!! I tried to hit her but she ran away. My Luvah chased her upstairs but she was satisfied with the head chomping. As of late I've focused so much bloody attention on her, its weird. She has started sleeping in my lap again while I watch TV, and I love that...it makes me feel so wanted. Its so silly b/c she's just this little kitty that can't talk or anything, but she knows when I need her to stop acting like a fuckface and just chill.

CUBED is taking over some reviewing duties this week b/c he rules my school. I am also reviewing SAW and DONNIE DARKO so I'll have 4 and he'll have 2, that makes 6 DVD reviews so SUPREME HIGH LORD AND COMMANDER better have nothing to say except "ARE YOU READY TO ROCK BK BROILER????" I have pretty much got him to agree to name our first child (IF a boy, and IF it happens at all) DANE JOSEPH, which is awesome b/c DANE is such a cool name. And so what if its after one my fave comedians right now. Its either that or the middle name is going to be NOON. B/c that is why people have kids. So they can give them names they think are awesome that everyone else will give you the "WHA-HUH?" face for. NATHAN NOON would be ideal. I want my child to have a super villain name:
Toshio Akuma
Nicholas Rasp

Neither can I. But at least I took a nap and won't be tired for another 4 hours or so. That will just thrill me. I want a drink. As soon as I think about covering any span of time I think about drinking or smoking. I devise schedules and procedures and rituals over these activities. Its just this other form of medication. I don't need one thing--I need anything, just not feeling reality right now. Reality is boring. And it hurts alot of the time. I have unnatural fear of the death of the people around me. I am scared of being alone. I fill my life with things and personalizations just so I don't have to fucking listen to myself. If I am worried about the tinkerbell purse and the skull cap and the buttons and the arm warmers and the slytherin socks and zip up jacket and scarves then inevitable I would be worried about myself...and that's not where I want to be.

I'm rambling and I really should just shut up now.
~sadie hexicidal

Current Mood: I just think i'm gonna barf
12:45 am
Happy V-Day (((you know, b/c now it really is)))
I read-over half of Victor's comic script and added notes and whatnot. I like doing that. A little tedious, but gets my mind in the place it needs to be when I can write and write and write. So far I've written a couple long emails and have been IM'ing with CUBED for sometime about all kinds of stupid things.

BIT TORRENT UPDATE: It have now been one week and I am now @ 50%. Don't you ever fucking say I was a quitter. Or I will have to shoot you dead. Bang Band you're dead.

I can't wait to go to work tomorrow if only to listen to my new music. Getting new electro is a rush that comes from nothing else. Knowing that I will have a new song that I can obsess over will just ROCK THE HIZZY. Speaking of the Hizzy. JC PENNEY now offers MTV CRIBS© bedroom decor, including bedding, rugs, and chandiliers (that are apparently really hard to put together). This makes me laugh...but some it was kinda neat. Actually the whole pre-teen section of the JC PENNEY bedding was making me wish I could paint a room lime green and pink. B/c then I would have feather-lined lamps to match!!!! Or a camoflauge canopy to cover my bed. That's fucking style. That's kitsch with a captial ~K~

My injuries this past week:
THURSDAY--we ordered pizza, Ze Moto was in my lap. The doorbell rings, she digs her claw into my upper thigh, producing blood and leaving a one inch bruise.
FRIDAY--whilst changing in the guest room of the 'rents, I was taking off my shirt and hit my hand on the ceiling fan that is lower than most--the pain was excuciating and it bruised almost immediately. there are 2 small cuts and it is swollen and slightly bruised about 2 inches around just under my index finger on the back of my hand.
SUNDAY--while pumping gas I went to lean into the car to empty out the ashtray. My head plowed into the car, it hurt like hell, and Fraire Fiance is telling me there is some discoloration.

The moral of this story--Sadie, not very full of grace at all.

Ok, its almost 1 am and that means tomorrow shall suck. I'm off to the bedroom for some HP and some relaxing music...hmmm...what shall it be?
~sadie hex

Current Mood: GET SOME SLEEP!
Sunday, February 13th, 2005
7:51 pm
I <3 Filthadelphia
We had such a nice evening. Frair Fiance took me to MORTONS for dinner, bought me a LIVING DEAD DOLL called GRACE From The Grave. She rules.

Valentine's Day is for silly people in love...and fortunately I'm still one of those people. We had a nice weekend at the 'rents and are spending the rest of the evening just listening to new music and loungin' about.

I got to have a cigar too. And didn't have one alcoholic beverage. I'm totally being Towelie right now though...he is my hero. Remember to bring a Towel!

Ze Moto is sitting next to me like the cute little tuxedo cat she is. I'm discussing WARREN ELLIS with CUBED and emailing people out of sheer boredom. I can't decide what I want to watch tonight but I know it will either involve DANE COOK or SOUTH PARK.

Ok, must do something productive.
~sadie hexicidal

Current Mood: satisfied
Saturday, February 12th, 2005
7:49 pm
A reaction to 2 events completely non-related...
When every ounce of me
needs every ounce of you...even those wretched, harsh, vile parts of you I don't like.
And some of you
needs only some of me...but not the parts that don't appeal to your simplicity and minimalistic life.

Well, this makes me feel sorry for myself. That I can have so much and feel like I have nothing just b/c you don't crave me like I crave you. Your need is superficial compared to my constant want to be with you, near you, entering your thoughts and invading your soul.

Why can't I invade your soul? You've left a permanent mark there...more like a scar that can never be covered than a beautiful tattoo. But I can hit and stab and mark you with bruises and gaping wounds and they will always heal in front of me as if to say "you will never be here forever."

And I wouldn't care about death or fear if I just knew that I could leave myself with you.
~sadie hex

Current Mood: Make my mind stop
Thursday, February 10th, 2005
10:20 pm
Unofficial SKY CAPTAIN review
SKY CAPTAIN is a great comic book movie that isn't a comic book. Using CGI technology to the point where only small props and the actors themselves were real while the landscapes, ships, backgrounds, and giant robots loom over the cast with an mass that can only be described as overwhelming.

The brothers that created this technique started with a 6 minute short film that was characterized by the chiaroscuro technique of German Expressionism--think black and white with noir-shadows and skyscrapers towering in a clouded city. SKY CAPTAIN on the silver screen however skews this original idea of Black and white and takes to a colorization technique that sticks to 4 or 5 main colors with a grey overtone still present within the scenes. Combine this with the homage to news clips played before films in the 40's, spinning newspapers declaring triumphant headlines, and sound effects that sound like they belong in Plan 9 From Outer Space and you'll begin to see what makes this film so endearing to those in love with film.

The story is chronicled much like any good comic book: a nosy reporter (Gwyneth Paltrow) is tipped off to some strange goings-on and accidentally becomes involved with her former lover Joe, the Sky Captain played by Jude Law, and the gigantic robots that he is trying to stop with his team of rogue mercenaries. Why is he trying to stop him? Because he's a hero goddammit! The manly-man attitude is present but so is the camp, GIOVANNI RIBISI uses his BUCK ROGERS comics to design a ray-gun that just happens to immobilizes the super bots (if only Sky Captain didn't have to shake it to make it work!). Mad scientists, love triangles, snappy super genius sidekicks, its all here in a setting made for its inhabitants.

The cast is impressive, ANGELINA JOLIE plays the "NICK FURY" of the British Navy like she was born to have that delightful accent. LAW is both handsome and charming, not the sweetest guy but the one that will save the day and share a lasting kiss when everyone is safe. This movie is made for those disappointed with comic book movies as of late (CATWOMAN comes to mind)--but also for eye candy fanatics and CGI junkies. The special features include the aforementioned 6 minute short film the brothers created, as well as a 2-part behind the scenes, deleted scenes and a hilarious blooper reel as I will never get sick of watching famous actors walking around green screens and pretending like there's a bit robot in front of them. Its like watching kindergarteners play pretend. THE VERDICT: A movie worth owning and worth much more recognition than it received. oh yeah, and it might be girl porn approved as well.
~sadie hexicidal

Current Mood: high
12:59 pm
Things our Shady Drummer has done in the past week:
1--sent me and mike 2 songs that he said he "wrote" They were ok. Mike asked for the music to which Shady Drummer said "well I didn't write the music--just the lyrics" ((((SO HOW ARE THEY "HIS" SONGS EXACTLY???)))
2--Shady Drummer cancels unexpectedly yesterday a few hours before practice
3--Shady Drummer says he cannot hear the drums on the demo tapes that Mike makes of the original songs--which is really strange b/c both me and Mike have no problem hearing them
4--Shady Drummer doesn't want to meet with us outside of the studio, but will pay for the extra studio time so that we can listen to the demo tapes we all own--making me think he never listens to them.

Me and A-Unit went out dancing last night. It ruled the school. Since practice was cancelled I was able to watch the new episode of LOST as well. :) A-Unit knew a dance whore who could swing dance--the dude picked me up and put me on his shoulders and spun me around! It was fucking brilliant! Kat Fadigan played a little Bowie for me so all was well. I drank though. Really didn't want to. I am thinking of attending an AA meeting with my friend next weekend...

Tonight I'm vegging. DAMMIT! I MEAN IT! I'm watching JU-ON THE CURSE 1 and 2 until Frair Fiance is done with the site updates, then we're watching the BATMAN cartoon collection and reading our comix for the week. NEW ULTIMATES!!!!

BIT TORRENT UPDATE: 31% as of 8am this morning.

This weekend we're going to my 'rents for some rest and relaxation. Iron Belly wants to watch THE GRUDGE so we'll be doing that, as well as 2 new movies for me to review for next week. We're gonna hit a couple stores while we're up there (the comic shop and some clothing stores), maybe go see my sis at her new place of employment (its in York so its not a bitch to get to). Sunday we're doing the V-Day dinner early, hopefully MORTONS if Sadie is a lucky girl. Fiance is getting us tix to the DALI exhibit so I can't wait! They have "THE PERSISTENCE OF TIME" at the show. That is just kickass.

I'm having a hard time actually doing work today.
~sadie hexicidal

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Tuesday, February 8th, 2005
1:42 pm
At least I got a day off.
I'm still in limbo. Must now wait till March 28th. But no suspension of license or fines yet. And lawyer is paid in full. So I can be happy about that.

I'm going to miss LOST tomorrow for band practice. This makes me want to cry. Almost 12% downloaded on bit torrent. GEEK PRIDE!

Cubed is calling me in a bit to discuss today and all that. Daddy took me to lunch but mum was sick and couldn't make it out. Tonight I go out to dinner with customers. Yippee. If it wasn't for the free food I would be curling up into a hole right now. Maybe I'll bail.

So much mail in the PO box...I went through it all and about a pound was complete trash. I have to read magazines and veg so I feel like this day off was totally worth it. I texted most all the VIP's and let them know the verdict of the day (which was DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT 200) so now its just more stuff to keep filling up my life with hope.

Emailed Jeemy my latest story, which I have added 2 chapters this past week. He said he'll take a look this weekend. I really don't think its his type of thing but I can always pretend that he'll see something in it that will make me worthy of something other than 3 or 4 blog entries per day (oh yes, there's more than one), letters to friends, emails, note taking, etc and so on.

Cubed will be calling. Cubed will be calling.
~sadie hexicidal

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