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At least I got a day off.

I'm still in limbo. Must now wait till March 28th. But no suspension of license or fines yet. And lawyer is paid in full. So I can be happy about that.

I'm going to miss LOST tomorrow for band practice. This makes me want to cry. Almost 12% downloaded on bit torrent. GEEK PRIDE!

Cubed is calling me in a bit to discuss today and all that. Daddy took me to lunch but mum was sick and couldn't make it out. Tonight I go out to dinner with customers. Yippee. If it wasn't for the free food I would be curling up into a hole right now. Maybe I'll bail.

So much mail in the PO box...I went through it all and about a pound was complete trash. I have to read magazines and veg so I feel like this day off was totally worth it. I texted most all the VIP's and let them know the verdict of the day (which was DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT 200) so now its just more stuff to keep filling up my life with hope.

Emailed Jeemy my latest story, which I have added 2 chapters this past week. He said he'll take a look this weekend. I really don't think its his type of thing but I can always pretend that he'll see something in it that will make me worthy of something other than 3 or 4 blog entries per day (oh yes, there's more than one), letters to friends, emails, note taking, etc and so on.

Cubed will be calling. Cubed will be calling.
~sadie hexicidal
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