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Unofficial SKY CAPTAIN review

SKY CAPTAIN is a great comic book movie that isn't a comic book. Using CGI technology to the point where only small props and the actors themselves were real while the landscapes, ships, backgrounds, and giant robots loom over the cast with an mass that can only be described as overwhelming.

The brothers that created this technique started with a 6 minute short film that was characterized by the chiaroscuro technique of German Expressionism--think black and white with noir-shadows and skyscrapers towering in a clouded city. SKY CAPTAIN on the silver screen however skews this original idea of Black and white and takes to a colorization technique that sticks to 4 or 5 main colors with a grey overtone still present within the scenes. Combine this with the homage to news clips played before films in the 40's, spinning newspapers declaring triumphant headlines, and sound effects that sound like they belong in Plan 9 From Outer Space and you'll begin to see what makes this film so endearing to those in love with film.

The story is chronicled much like any good comic book: a nosy reporter (Gwyneth Paltrow) is tipped off to some strange goings-on and accidentally becomes involved with her former lover Joe, the Sky Captain played by Jude Law, and the gigantic robots that he is trying to stop with his team of rogue mercenaries. Why is he trying to stop him? Because he's a hero goddammit! The manly-man attitude is present but so is the camp, GIOVANNI RIBISI uses his BUCK ROGERS comics to design a ray-gun that just happens to immobilizes the super bots (if only Sky Captain didn't have to shake it to make it work!). Mad scientists, love triangles, snappy super genius sidekicks, its all here in a setting made for its inhabitants.

The cast is impressive, ANGELINA JOLIE plays the "NICK FURY" of the British Navy like she was born to have that delightful accent. LAW is both handsome and charming, not the sweetest guy but the one that will save the day and share a lasting kiss when everyone is safe. This movie is made for those disappointed with comic book movies as of late (CATWOMAN comes to mind)--but also for eye candy fanatics and CGI junkies. The special features include the aforementioned 6 minute short film the brothers created, as well as a 2-part behind the scenes, deleted scenes and a hilarious blooper reel as I will never get sick of watching famous actors walking around green screens and pretending like there's a bit robot in front of them. Its like watching kindergarteners play pretend. THE VERDICT: A movie worth owning and worth much more recognition than it received. oh yeah, and it might be girl porn approved as well.
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