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A reaction to 2 events completely non-related...

When every ounce of me
needs every ounce of you...even those wretched, harsh, vile parts of you I don't like.
And some of you
needs only some of me...but not the parts that don't appeal to your simplicity and minimalistic life.

Well, this makes me feel sorry for myself. That I can have so much and feel like I have nothing just b/c you don't crave me like I crave you. Your need is superficial compared to my constant want to be with you, near you, entering your thoughts and invading your soul.

Why can't I invade your soul? You've left a permanent mark there...more like a scar that can never be covered than a beautiful tattoo. But I can hit and stab and mark you with bruises and gaping wounds and they will always heal in front of me as if to say "you will never be here forever."

And I wouldn't care about death or fear if I just knew that I could leave myself with you.
~sadie hex
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