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I <3 Filthadelphia

We had such a nice evening. Frair Fiance took me to MORTONS for dinner, bought me a LIVING DEAD DOLL called GRACE From The Grave. She rules.

Valentine's Day is for silly people in love...and fortunately I'm still one of those people. We had a nice weekend at the 'rents and are spending the rest of the evening just listening to new music and loungin' about.

I got to have a cigar too. And didn't have one alcoholic beverage. I'm totally being Towelie right now though...he is my hero. Remember to bring a Towel!

Ze Moto is sitting next to me like the cute little tuxedo cat she is. I'm discussing WARREN ELLIS with CUBED and emailing people out of sheer boredom. I can't decide what I want to watch tonight but I know it will either involve DANE COOK or SOUTH PARK.

Ok, must do something productive.
~sadie hexicidal
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