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I am your hell....SADISTIKAL

I found out tonight from DEATHSTROKE's review column that DANZIG is having a DVD come out with videos from DANZIG 4. I'm flipping out b/c that was when i was completely in love with DANZIG and would have sexual fantasies about him.

Well, its the truth.

Anyway, DANZIG is coming to Filthy in a MARCH and I want to go see him but I'm not sure who will go with me. Mike said no. Maybe Melissa will be down. Or Jackie. You never can tell. (((It was a teenage wedding and the old folks wished them well/you could see that Pierre did truly love the Mademoiselle...)))

I'm posting on a couple boards again. Safe. Staying positive...sticking to the paths I know. Oh and I finally got the entry form for the BIZARRE BEAUTIES contest. B/c I need the ego boost...or something. Or a good slap to the face. Either one would work.

Watched SAW tonight. SUCKED. so very very bad. Will be writing about that and D-D special edition, which ruled, still haven't watched the special features though. Will get to that tomorrow when Frair Fiance will be out having sushi with DA BOYZ. Will take a bath, read some HP and write reviews. AND PRACTICE THE BASS GUITAR.

~sadie hexicidal
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