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I came, I SAW, I was annoyed.

SAW was so bad. But my review for it rules. Details tomorrow @ 11.
I finally got a proper copy of GOLDEN BOY & MISS KITTIN: "OR". RE-release with the golden glove remix of "RIPPIN KITTIN" that features the chorus that makes me quiver.

That's right, I said quiver.

This is my third time listening to the album today. I lurve it. Stefan had to burn a copy just b/c it was a mix he didn't have. We realized that "rippin kittin" is to him what "emerge" is to me. You can never have too many remixes of one different song.

I'm full of anger tonight. But I shouldn't be. My bit torrent is up to 76.3%. the new eppy of LOST rocked. I got all my reviews done save one. My roomie hooked me up with some rum. Argh.
But its supposed to snow
and I want to listen to Fischerspooner but I've been vetoed
and I feel like crying or punching someone in the face
and ALAN CUMMING and ERIC IDLE were on back to back DAILY SHOW eppy's so at least I can think of British things for awhile. B/c they always make me happy.

I'm starting to get a minor headache and that annoys the fuck outta me. My CD just ended and my urge to kill is rising. I was fine 5 minutes ago. I'm fucking insane.I have 2 drinks sitting here--a bottle of DIET CHERRY PEPSI I've had all day and a can of the same that I opened at home. I'm switching in between the 2 and keep stopping to rearrange things on my desk. Its such a mess and I don't want to mess up my SLYTHERIN stationary.

Ok, things look in order once again.
I have to watch DONNIE DARKO special features and practice bass guitar. I've slacked on both. I think maybe I'll practice bass. At least the new song. Yes. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH ME.
~sadie hexicidal
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