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Leaving Las Vegas

The above title is the name of the movie I will be watching in T-MINUS 15 minutes. My luvah bought it for me this week. But we're not here to talk about that. we're here to talk about Dali.

The exhibition was absolutely amazine. brilliant. Decadent. I have the coolest coffee cup ever. DALI, CATS FLYING THROUGH AIR, WATER. I couldn't tell you my many were great. RED SYMPHONY a notable one and THE RAILWAY STATION AT PERPIGNAN being another. We had a nice time and walked the entire museum before seeing his section. It rocked. I came home and watched DONNIE DARKO again before falling asleep.

I woke up at 2am with stomach spasms to which i do not have my meds right now. I ended up going downstairs so I could toss and turn on the couch but finally did get back to sleep. I woke up and did nothing really until I went over to Keg Leg's to meet the new puppy and watch DANE COOK and have some pirate swag. Came home, watched D-D with commentary (ECH!), then special features (ECH ECH!), then the FISCHERSPOONER and COLDPLAY dvd's. Iron Bell gave me the best compliment today saying that she read my DVD reviews and they sounded like "a famous person wrote them and u should be famus for writing them". Awwwwww. She lurved THE PRODIGY cd I burned for her so I think I'm gonna burn a mix of ELECTRO for her that I think she'll dig. She's the coolest lil sister ever.

Have been emailing back and forth with CUBED about me not going out tonight due to temptation and bull shite like that. So LEAVING LAS VEGAS will remind me. Of something bad. Hooray! Huzzah even. I'm out you magnificent bastards!
~sadie hexicidal
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