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||Sadie got LOST and didn't want to be found...||

I stayed up till 7am watching my 100% downloaded bit torrent eppy's of LOST. Watched 3 last night, on ..5 this afternoon. I woke up at noon to continue my LOST watching. I'm quite sure I'll be insane by its time to go back to work. And that always makes the job more fun.

Today its supposed to snow which is just annoying at this time. It was bloody 55 degrees on Wednesday. I seem to have a bacterial infection or bronchitis (no bright green snot so no sinus infection) and it really really really sucks. Its just annoying. Especially b/c I just keep sucking down the pirate swag. I'm drinking tea though--that should cancel it out right?

I had to get dressed. It seems the only place I can lounge about in my jammies comfortably is me mum's house. I could live in my pajamas there. I want to go visit again. Shacky got a puppy so now I must really see this new ball of fur. Anyway, my one trip outdoors before the snow hits is to drop off the movies @ blockbuster and grab me and my luvah some candy.

I need to write my D-D draft but my 5 hours of sleep may prove fruitful for the creative process or make me pass out by 8pm. We shall see. I'm hoping for the former. I've been writing up a storm this past week. A couple poems too but nothing good. But keep scribbling it all down--you know I will. I bought a small notepad for my purse (speaking of, its time for a change in handbag) in case I ever get the urge. I find myself outdoors thinking of one line for a review to add.

Ze moto is sitting looking out the stillness of outside, Mon Cheri is working on the site, and I am getting LOST. Yar!
~sadie sparrow
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