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I am legend...You are not.

Let me take this time right now to wax poetic on DJ KEOKI. If you've seen PARTY MONSTER with MACAULEY CULKIN and SETH GREEN, then you KEOKI portrayed by WILMER VALDERRAMA and he didn't seem to spin much music. He was a E-DJ, hyped on drugs most all the time and into the rave scene.

Not anymore.

He made KEOKICLASH, a great little mix CD revealing his new outlook on life (no drugs), saying goodbye to rave scene and hello to ELECTRO and 80's decadence. But it is his Mash-Up cd's that make me go crazy. KILL THE DJ and the GREAT SOUNDCLASH SWINDLE are works of art. At one point he has 3 or 4 songs being played together in perfection. I regret not seeing him last year when he played TRANSIT but I'm just content sitting here and listening to a great DJ.

Speaking of which, STEFAN my dear does a great mash-up of David Byrne's "lazy" and Daft Punk's "better, harder, faster, stronger" or whatever the fuck its called. He said he was going to make a new mixed CD for me but he hasn't. B/c he's wicked and he's lazy.

My luvah is home today while work kills me slowly. One steamship line wasn't even open and we've gotten a total of 3 bookings methinks. Its just sad that we're all here. I've been playing on ze net all day praything that eppy 12 of LOST is all done and downloaded by the time I get home. But of course I'm sure my connection got fuct somehow. Only one hour and then I'm outta here. I haven't done much writing (coherent writing I should say) or practicing (bass), but its my week off considering my next column isn't due until next week -AND- practice got cancelled again. Dis sucks. Bands that I'm in seem to deconstruct before they ever are fully constructed. When you have a shady drummer its pretty hard to maintain a status quo. We need a singer. Mike gets us by but a striking voice would just pull everything together.

Con season is gonna be upon us again soon and I'm excited. Its just the talk that swirls around the boards right now--whos going, who isn't--that gets me all psyched. In truth I have months to wait before our "season opener," but with all the buzz it just gets me psyched. Add some pictures of THE LEE from wondercon and I am downright giddy. The not-drinking thing will be tough. But I guess that just means more pirate swag for me!

I haven't seen mon cheri online all day which is very uncharacteristic of him. I know he wanted to go to TOYS R US but he didn't even answer the email I sent him (the latest BAD SIGNAL had a blurb about TEMPLESMITH in it and I know he's dying to know what ELLIS/TEMPLESMITH are cooking up). I'm watching FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS tonight as a memorial to HUNTER S THOMPSON who shot himself yesterday. I wish he would've OD'ed b/c killing yerself is sorta weak but what can you do? If only I still had my fishman hat and cigarette holder. I'd run around in bermuda shorts and spout off "THIS IS BAT COUNTRY." But alas, looks like the film will have to be enough.

And if ||LOST||, my lifeblood, is complete, I will scream in utter delight and only talk to Ze Moto about how cute she is. DAMN THE REST!
~sadie hexicidal
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