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I positively loathe and detest this machine...

I had written my entire first draft of the D-D review on LJ this evening. And then I mistakenly hit 2 buttons AND ITS GONE.


I looked in history, temp internet files, file search, explorer, and it is nowhere to be found. So I'm re-writing it. B/c I'm fucking mad and Cubed told me I should start it and so it goes. Won't finish the whole thing tonight but at least its a start...AGAIN. (whoa deju vu!)

Ok, so recently I've been getting back into online erotica. Here is one I just read and it was VERY nice.
(((you know, if you like the sub/dom spanking kinda thing)))

I am completely caught up with LOST--a new one tomorrow night!!! I'm going over to Stefan's tomorrow. One week ago I drank way more than I wanted to and lied to mon cheri about it. What makes this week any different? Pirate swag for one. The fact that I'm dead fucking serious when I say that I am afraid of myself in that state. Its not who I want to be. I think drugs are this glamorous thing and they always will be in some way to me. But not in that way that I am going to go down so far that I will be a triumph coming back up. No, I'll be a chippy. Small habit--for eternity. Don't do enough of anything to make it my drug of choice. I'm weak. And the meek shall inherit the earth.

Its fucking 2 am. Its insomnia and its a bitch. Looks like A-Unit and Keg Leg may be visiting the 'rents with me next weekend. And BECKETT might be joining us. ROCK n ROLL.

I should be getting the BIG BOOK by Thursday. I am anxious to start reading.
~sadie hex-i-cidal
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