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R.I.P. Donnie Darko Review

I can't believe I did that
lost my file quick snap
hit the wrong key in error
its just not fair
It seemed good for a tick
all it took was one slip
of the finger and the hand
gone like your no-good man
gone like herbal from my bowl
I lost the soul
can try to rewrite
but I've lost the fight.
Just outlined once more
maybe can settle the score
with the forethought and need
To be more than deleted.

~sadie hexicidal
((((ps: DANE COOK added me as a friend on MYSPACE. I'm stalking him on all fronts with hopes to score that interview. But even if he won't do it--I can look at his gorgeous face on MYSPACE everyday. HES HOTTTTTT. Tonight is LOST and THE GRUDGE over at Stefan's new crib.)))
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