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////When Going Out Means Staying In\\\\

Give 'em what you got
Go give 'em all your action baby

...'cuz it's a sure-fire action-seeking radar baby

Live it up, don't wanna give it up
Live it up...
A little action is all I need
-----end of the prodigy transmission-----

So tonight I was supposed to hang at Stefan's until the early hours, grooving to records, midnight tokin', watching MONTY PYTHON and eating animal crackers. I came home by 9:30pm I was actually falling asleep on Stefan and Ry's freezing couch during a rather dull eppy (I lurve them but they weren't all gold). I suck. B/c oh the things I had been meaning to do:
~I was going to drive to my parents at midnight
~I was going to get a mash-up I've been waiting for since the beginning of time
~I was going to not stay here b/c I'm feeling stifled on all fronts

But instead I'm watching SEX AND THE CITY on demand, watching my luvah read comix, feeling the need to smoke again, hating this internet connection, mind spinning and reeling all the time causing absolutely nothing to penetrate.

Work was horribly stressful and I teared up quite a few times. Left SO MUCH to do. FUCK. (((BIG just come on SEX AND THE CITY...he still gives me goosebumps!!!))) I bought a carton of cigarettes today and got my BIG BOOK from CUBED and a HUNTER S book to read after I finally finish HP 5. Its taking me like 500 years. Today I shall exaggerate.

Damn I got so cute and dressed up today. Red White and Black in perfect harmony. And its 1040pm, cold a fuck, and me wishing I could DO something. Anything. Now.
~sadie hexicidal
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