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Tonight: Dali. Tomorrow: THE WORLD!!!!

Tonight I see DALI.
Yesterday practice was cancelled.
Tomorrow I hang out with Kell and possibly Jackie later on.
Tonight I get to eat dinner in Center City.
Tonight I will watch DONNIE DARKO again.
Sunday I will watch the special features.

I've been cycling hardcore. In between sadness and elation. But yesterday Joe bought me:
a hair clip
a new shirt

and I bought a lingerie set from HOT TOPIC. the best part? That's I'm a cheat and the guy only charged me for the undies (5 bucks) and I kept quiet and walked out of the store with the panties and a matching corset ($20). Oh I'm ever so evil.

Just like tonight I'm going to be sneaking the digi cam into the DALI exhibit just b/c we're not allowed. My middle name is danger you know.

It went from Springtime weather yesterday to 30 degrees today. Fuck the weather. So bloody inconsistent!!!
I've been listening to MISS KITTIN non-stop. This CD rules. I feel like I'm getting cramps but I just had my "friend" visit like a week ago. So WTF? Its not fair I tell you and completely against the rules.

Only 45 more minutes and i'm free again for another 2 days. I just think about sleeping on the weekend and that is enough to make it worthwhile (i.e., not having to get up at quarter to seven).
Me and my luvah are in full LURVE again. All sweet and kissy faced and what not. Even though he has been getting on my nerves its just temporary compared to the fact that we haven't been in any major fights or anything ::KNOCK ON WOOD::

I want to get a fedora. Is that so wrong? Frair Fiance said I looked better in a old man football coach type of hat. I could deal with that--just need one to fit my head better. Of course once summertime comes around I can pull out my silly OCC trucker hat. B/c I love me some PAULY SR. REPRAZENT!!!!

"How did Mary Die?
She was hit by a tire.
What was she doing hanging around tires?
Oh no, this tire was looking for her. She was murdered. It was out for vengeance. It wasn't "fucking around" as they say."
*****end of DANE COOK transmission****
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